HTYS at 13th note. 14/01/12.  (Taken with instagram)

HTYS at 13th note. 14/01/12. (Taken with instagram)


I walked past a man on the street the other day who looked the exact double of my old friend Mike. His face was the exact same shape, he had the same eyes, his nose and smile were a similar shape. I stopped motionless for a second to watch him and i caught my breath because Mike has been dead since November. I had a moment of happiness thinking that the car accident never happened and Mike was still alive. I thought he was about to walk up to me and give me the same handshake he always did and ask how the fuck I was doing. I wouldv’e told him about the state I was in at his funeral and how much I drank. I wouldv’e told him all the stories we talked about him then eventually we’d shake hands and i’d tell him how much i missed him and that we should get a beer in because I never saw him enough. We would have eventually met up for a drink and I would have told him about the newspapers and all the talk about what had happened. I imagine he would have been embarrassed by the attention and even a little flattered by how upset people were. I’d phone round everyone who was there whilst i was with him and let them speak to him because i knew they’d want to. Afterwards, i would have hugged him and i would have told him that it was great to see him alive and well and we would have arranged a second meeting somewhere at sometime. 

I eventually came to the realisation that the car accident really happened. Mike is still dead. No matter how many lookalikes I see nothing can change this but it’s nice to know that I can be reminded of someone I’d rather not forget so easily.  I can just imagine him laughing at my mistake now. 



Lavotchkin Lavotchkin
Newcastles finest purveyors of intense fucking hardcore, getting ready to release a career spanning 12”.

The Death Of Her Money
Welsh post-rock monsters.

Edinburgh heavy motherfuckers, partying up the release of their first ep.

Nae internet.
One man drone, noise & doom. Epic.

Saturday 28th January
The Banshee Labyrinth, Niddry St
EH1 1 LG

If you don’t like Cult of Luna, there is something wrong with you

If you don’t like Cult of Luna, there is something wrong with you

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